Since our establishment, Shutoh has amassed leagues of loyal supporters.

Starting with the buying and selling of used construction machinery, which has formed the foundation of our business since our establishment, we later began offering a leasing service in response to customer demand, as well as setting up distribution agents for multiple crane manufacturers. Through our business, we have invested heavily in socioeconomic infrastructure, making a significant contribution to local communities.

With challenge and innovation as our guiding principles, we provide our customers with environmentally friendly construction machinery for lease or purchase.

We will continue striving to provide our customers with superior service as we expand, never forgetting our fighting spirit, or our mission to generate a high level of added value.
Company President Kazuhisa Shutoh
Representative Company President Kazuhisa Shutoh
Head office location 870–0815 7-7 Minamikasugamachi Oita City, Oita Prefecture
Capital ¥22,000,000
Established 1986
Accounts with Fukuoka Bank, Kitakyushu Bank, Iyo Bank, Shoko Chukin Bank
of business
Buying, selling, and leasing of hydraulic cranes, crawler cranes
History 1973年 Tadanori Shutoh founds
construction machinery distribution business
1886年 Shutoh Co., Ltd. established
1988年 Head office relocated to Minamikasugamachi, Oita City
1999年 Hydraulic cranes made available for lease
2008年 Kazuhisa Shutoh appointed as company presiden

Shutoh Co., Ltd.

870–0815 7-7 Minamikasugamachi Oita City, Oita Prefecture
TEL:+81-975-44-2662 FAX:+81-975-46-1818

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